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Bernadette Kerscher
Heidecker Straße 4
91187 Röttenbach


Open Mo.-Fr. 8:00-17:00 Uhr, Sa. 9:00-13:00 Uhr

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How you find us

Our premises are in 91187 Röttenbach, Heidecker Straße 4
We are located 40 km south of Nuremberg in the south of Germany
Important: in a GPS please search with PLZ 91187 oder complete address, "Röttenbach" is a current name around here and sometimes customers turn up in the wrong "Röttenbach" , one hour away.

Leihharfe Beryll

You can also rent our very own harp model Beryll. Selection based on availability.
This is the most popular lever harp in Germany. Comes in different, massive tonewoods such as maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry wood, ash, oak etc.
Be enchanted by a big, well rounded sound.

Manufacturer: Harfenmanufaktur Bernadette Kerscher
Height: 145 cm
Shoulder: 122 cm
Strings: 35
Tonal renge: 1.Okt G bis 6.Okt. A
Weight from: 12 kg
Price from: 50,- €

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