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Bernadette Kerscher
Heidecker Straße 4
91187 Röttenbach


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How you find us

Our premises are in 91187 Röttenbach, Heidecker Straße 4
We are located 40 km south of Nuremberg in the south of Germany
Important: in a GPS please search with PLZ 91187 oder complete address, "Röttenbach" is a current name around here and sometimes customers turn up in the wrong "Röttenbach" , one hour away.

Huge assortment in our harp exhibition

more than 150 instruments, starting from 24 string travel harps up to professional pedal harps. We offer new and second hand harps as well as rental instruments with flexible rental conditions .

Special harps

Our special models: sometimes we finish instruments in a special and unique way. Extraordinary soundboards and ornaments.

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Small harp up to 29 strings

These small instruments can be used to comp with songs and can easily be transported. On the othe rhand you´ll have to accept some restrictions in tonal range and volume.

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Lever harps up to 34 strimgs

These 34 string harps are very convenient for young starting harpist, age from 6 to 10 . Usually this type of instruments can later be raised by 15 or 20 cm with log legs or by exchanging the base. So when the kids grow, the harp follows.

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Lever harps with more than 35 strings

These bigger lever harps are a good choice for adults or older children and teenagers. An upright playing position is importand for easy playing and to avoid spinal and back disorders. Therefore the harp should not be too small.

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Lever harps designed like pedal harps

For those who love the pedal harp feelin but don´t need pedals yet - designed like pedal harps they resemble their big sister - same string spacing, and same string tension , too, in some models.

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Roch´n Roll with a harp is fun ! When you are playing with drums and loud guitars - you´ll get problems with an acoustic harp. so these instruments habe sold body and pickups like en electric guitar. You´should playthese nstruments with some digital effects for the real fun !

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Single action pedal harps

Single action harps can be a first - low budget - step in the world of the pedal harp. Historically the single action harp ( invented in 1720 ) has been the precursor of the double action concert harp ( invented 1812 by Erard). In most countries it has been replaced by the double action harp that offers more tonal possibilities. However it survived in Austria and the south of Germany, beeing widely used in the folk music of these regions.

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Concert harps with straight soundboard

A hundred years ago all of the pedal harps - even those played in orchestras - were built with a straight soundboard. Today all professional instruments - and most of the student models - are bui with an extended soundboard - for reasons of volume and power. However instruments with straight soundboard are nice sounding instruments for the student and ambitious amateur, who don´t need an instrument for playing in an orchestra.

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Concert harps with extended soundboard

During the last 30 years the extended soundboard has become standard for most pedal harps - intended for more volume in the lower tonal range of the harp.

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Professional concert harps

For professional use in an orchestra or for a solo recital the requirements for a subtle and powerful sound are high. These professional concert instruments can fulfll these high demands .

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Premium concert harps

Masterpieces of craftsmanship and technology that combine quality materials and perfect sound. On special order only.

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Budget Harps fpr Beginners

We offer qualiy harps of Euopean harp builders and beuatiful professional instruments of our own harp building. We support harp beginners with rental program anf financing. However the invest in these instruments seem to be to high for some customers. So we decided to take some import harps from Asia in our offer. Such harps were always on the market , but with low quality . But now we work together with a manufacturer who delievers very decent quality and sell these harps exclusively under the brand DACCAPO We check and fine tune these instruments before selling them, so the customers can expect harps with a very good price/quality ratio.

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Second hand lever harps

Here you´ll find second hand harps, vintage harps, and unique harps from our exhibition. All the second hand harps are refurbished, the semi-tone mechanic is serviced.

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Second hand pedal harps

Second hand pedal harps are serciced , the mecanique is regulated . You hav one year dealer warranty on our second hand harps.
If there are no instruments shown here - there are much less good second hand instruments than asked for by customers - please feel free to inquire.
Sometimes we have an instrument in the workshop that is not shwon here, because the service is not done yet.

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Rental lever harps

If you are not sure if the harp is the right instrument for you - you should try with a rental harp. WHen you decide to buy a harp later, we´ll take 5 monthly rental fees into account.
Inquire about availability of the models , the look of the instrument ( colour,decorations ) can be different from the image shown here.

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Rental pedal harps

For pedal harps there is no standard offer for renting. Requirements and intented use is sometimes very different: maybe exchange students need a harp for several months to exercise , or orchestras nee a professional instrument for a production with many harps.
Arrangement about transport must be setteld, needs for insurance, exchange string etc. must be discussed.
So pleas provide the necessary informations and we will be glad to make an individual offer that fits the situation best.

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